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Wenling Jingchi machinery factory was officially renamed Taizhou Kechi Machinery Co., Ltd., the company is a professional manufacturer of ultra precision rolling tool manufacturers. Set research and development production and integration, can be customized for customers all kinds of super fine rolling tool, the introduction of advanced technology in Japan, the use of imported materials, precision and durability, more focus on after-sales service, to ensure that your peace of mind to use.
Taizhou Kechi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of ultra precision rolling tool (also known as the rolling head, a rolling knife) a rolling process can realize smooth as a mirror effect, compared with traditional grinding can not only increase the hardness, but also improve efficiency, convenient installation, scope of application is very extensive is to improve the traditional process, the best choice.
Taizhou Kechi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Wenling. Close to the Luqiao airport and Haimen port, 104 State Road, Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou expressway, the traffic is very convenient. Welcome new and old customers to order!

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